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from nothing to something in only two years

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roboticavian asked: i must ask, are you guys still doing well or did you run into problems

due to lack of resources the project is on indefinite hold. a few of the squiggle people are working on weasyl now also

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Squiggle Update

So we should be updating this more! A few things on development, which seems to be actually moving!

First off, we’ve moved all our issue management over to Gitub. https://github.com/eevee/floof/issues Check it out. Eevee used this as an excuse to clear out a bunch of cruft from old tickets, too. Woo.

Second, we’ve decided to do away with for: for now. There’s a ton of logic and cruft and legalese around uploading art done by someone else, so we’re steering away from it for now. This will most likely be re-visited in the future as we work out better ways of handling this, but for now it was blocking other features.

Watches continues to make progress, though not quite done yet.

Also epii took the Floof engine and ran a corpus test on it, putting a copy of the site up with a database of 190,000 images, complete with comment threads, image info, tags, rating data, and tests for our suggestion engine. It worked pretty well! There is a chance we may bring one of these corpora up for public load testing later on.

That’s it for now. I’ll try and update more often. There IS a bunch of movement on the back end, but it’s all infrastructure work. Things that need to happen for a solid scalable site, but don’t really look that impressive to the user (other than the site being not-slow).

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The Plan™

Or, at least, some things that are important to us.

Streamlining. Uploading should be dead-easy, and you should know what you’re getting; no multi-page forms or guessing at text formatting.

Organization. Let the artists do the art, and everyone else can worry about tagging it. Mark a photo with who’s in it, or a commission by who bought it, or a collaboration by everyone who worked on it—and it’ll show up in everyone’s gallery.

Filtering. Make an entire tag disappear if you don’t like that kind of art. Watch some of an artist’s work if that’s all you want to see. Some jerk being a problem? Banish him, and the site will pretend he never existed.

Transparency. Code is open source. We like distributed things and APIs. All administrative actions will be publicly visible. If it’s possible to figure something out by scraping the site, we’ll probably make a chart of it somewhere.

Unconvention. There are enough deviantArt clones. I want to try building something better, not just something with a different logo. Do we really need pageview counters and upfront lists of watches?

Oh, and for as long as it’s remotely feasible, no ads. Fuck ads.

There’s a longer detailed brainstorm on the dev wiki, though it hasn’t been updated in a while.

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So I guess we’re doing this tumblr thing, which means we’re getting closer to an almost respectable site.

What is Squiggle?

A few years ago, I (Inaki) came up with the base for an art site revamp. It was called Blue Taboo. I set up some forums and posted my initial idea, and a bunch of folks got interested and chimed in, and worked out how various functions would work. It was pretty solid. Unfortunately you really need a coder to be able to realize those ideas, so BT sat in non-development for a while and folks lost interest.

At the same time, Eevee was working on ideas for Ferrox, Furaffinity’s replacement engine. They uh.. opted not to go in a forward direction at the time, so he split off to do his own project from it.

Later on, the two of us figured out the designs were really similar, so by our powers combined, art site or something!

Anyway have some quick links:

What we have up and running so far: https://beta.squig.gl/art

The Code: https://github.com/eevee/floof

The Bug Tracker: http://bugs.veekun.com/projects/floof

Our Ideas: http://bugs.veekun.com/projects/floof/wiki/Wiki

Chat with us: irc://irc.veekun.com/floof

And yes, you can ask us things here.


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So, squiggle is this culmination of years of watching blog sites and art sites come and go, and listening to artist friends gripe about them. I’ve accumulated a long list of wishes and irritations, so I’m trying to put my dev powers to good use and see if I can do any better. The plan is to deftly avoid everyone else’s pitfalls and build the greatest art sharing site ever seen, ever, ever.

Dream big, kids.

Development is currently caught in a bit of a rut: the site isn’t quite done enough for serious use, but it’s difficult to pour time into something for a purely hypothetical audience. Thus this tumblr: a conduit by which potential users’ interest may be transmuted into motivation. It’s a subtle and nuanced version of attention whoring, you see.

I also maintain a "real" blog; longer content will likely end up there, with alluring quotes and a link crossposted here.

Gonna go hack something now. :)